What To Expect

Our Knowledgeable Staff is Here to Help

Have you ever met with a trusted Medicare advisor to discuss your Medicare options? It is easy to get all the information you need on your own time, but a Medicare Advisor can do so much more for you. When you develop a relationship with a Trusted Advisor, it is lifelong. Much like a financial advisor or accountant, your trusted advisor will always be there to answer your questions and help you get the benefits you deserve.

What To Expect

The first thing you'll need to do is schedule an appointment. Medicare Insurance Agents cannot legally visit you or discuss your health plan without having your permission to do so. If you choose to meet with us, we will be prepared with materials from several different insurance carriers that have plans in the area where you live and can help you to choose the plan that truly works best for you.

In scheduling your appointment, one of our knowledgeable licensed staff will ask you some questions to help determine the plan criteria specific to your situation; this will make your meeting with us much more productive. When we meet, we will review your health care and prescription drug needs to assist you in choosing a plan that best accommodates you. We have enrollment forms available, this way if you decide you are ready to move forward with a Medicare plan, you can start the enrollment process right away. You will find our educated staff to be helpful with resources to assist on an ongoing basis.