You Have Medical Insurance But Maybe Someone You Know Still Doesn’t

health insurance protects youThere are still quite a few people and maybe some that you know that still did not get health insurance by the April 15th deadline. Some of those people that aren’t covered may be eligible for Medi-cal.

There is no need to go down to the Transitional Assistance office. We can help them right here at our offices.

Here are just a few frequently asked questions about applying for Medi-cal.

Is there a deadline to enroll in Medi-Cal? You can enroll in Medi-Cal during any month of the year. If you are eligible for Medi-Cal, you are eligible for the entire month in which you were found eligible. In some cases, you may be able to get Medi-Cal coverage right away.

Will I be able to get good quality health care through Medi-Cal?

Yes. Medi-Cal is health coverage, just like the coverage from Covered California. Medi-Cal gives you benefits similar to those of Covered California, but often at lower or no cost to you and your family. All of the health plans offered by Covered California and Medi-Cal include the same full set of benefits, which are called “essential health benefits.” A recent survey of Medi-Cal members by the California Healthcare Foundation found that 90% of the members who answered rated Medi-Cal as a good or very good program. Medi-Cal emphasizes prevention-oriented health care that promotes health and well-being and works to ensure that members receive the right care at the right time.

How much does Medi-Cal cost?
For many individuals who enroll in Medi-Cal, there are no premiums, no co-payments, and no out of pocket cost. Some households will see affordable costs, such as a low monthly premium. For some Medi-Cal kids, the premium is only $13 per child. In general, individuals in Medi-Cal will get the same health benefits available through Covered California at a lower cost.

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