What seniors have to say about protecting Medicare Advantage

medicareMedicare Advantage provides high-quality, affordable, coordinated care to nearly 16 million seniors and individuals with disabilities. Additional proposed cuts to the program would result in these beneficiaries facing higher costs, reduced benefits, and fewer coverage options.

Recently proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage would increase costs and reduce benefits for California seniors and individuals with disabilities who rely on the critical program. New data from Oliver Wyman shows Medicare Advantage cuts would cost California beneficiaries $100-$120 per month. Last month, seniors shared their Medicare Advantage stories with California Reps. Mimi Walters and Norma Torres, who were among 40 California lawmakers who recently sent letters to CMS to protect seniors’ MA benefits.

Below are some Coalition members in California who would experience negative effects from additional cuts. Here’s why it’s important to protect their Medicare Advantage benefits:

– Stephen Henderson of Palm Springs, CA:
“Without my Medicare Advantage program my prescriptions would be too expensive. I wouldn’t be able to afford them. I am very happy with my doctors and my program benefits. Why would Congress want to take money from a program that works?”

– Carolyn Hunley of Palm Springs, CA:
“Being able to go to the gym and participate in classes that are designed for seniors is just one of the things I like about my Medicare Advantage program.”