What is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, is health insurance
provided by private insurance companies approved by Medicare. They are
attractive to seniors because they often offer lower monthly premiums,
copayments and broader coverage for medical services and equipment
than Original Medicare (Parts A and B). By law, Medicare Advantage
Plans must provide at least the same coverage as provided under
Original Medicare, but many offer much more.

Medicare Advantage Plans care are usually provided by one of three
methods – HMOs, PPOs or PFFS. HMO beneficiaries are restricted to
seeing only doctors and attending hospitals operating in the HMO. PPO
beneficiaries can seek treatment by physicians and use hospitals
outside of the PPO, usually for a larger copayment, and do not require
a physician and the plan’s permission to seek the advice or treatment
of a specialist. In a PFFS, beneficiaries do not have a network and
can see any provider nationwide that accepts Medicare and the plans
terms and conditions.

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