Turning 65 and New to Medicare? Is your spouse turning 65 this year and you are still under 65?

Question: My spouse is turning 65 this year, retiring and planning to sign up for Medicare. I’m 61,  not working and I have always used my spouse’s health care benefits. What happens to me and my coverage when my spouse joins Medicare?

Answer: Medicare won’t cover you until you reach age 65, even if your spouse is already receiving benefits. When your spouse joins Medicare, you’ll need to find other health insurance coverage until you turn 65.

Find out whether your spouse’s current health coverage can cover you after your spouse retires. For example, you may be eligible for COBRA coverage for up to 36 months. And look for health insurance offered by groups you belong to, like a social or professional organization or an alumni association. You may also be able to purchase individual health insurance policies.

This information was provided by Medicare Made Clear

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