The Litchfield Agency Helps You Navigate Medicare

Medicare Insurance is Confusing!

The Litchfield Agency was formed to help senior citizens understand, select and enroll in appropriate Medicare health insurance. Medicare’s launch of the Part D program to cover prescription drugs, while helpful to millions of seniors, adds a confusing and complicated choice to an already difficult decision about which medical insurance plan is right for them.

If you’re like most seniors, you will find additional guidance and support valuable to determine how to best insure against medical and prescription drug expenses. Helping you navigate through your Medicare coverage choices is our mission.

Our Service is FREE to Seniors

We do not charge for our recommendation. As independent licensed insurance agents, we earn money based on how successfully we match insurance products to seniors’ needs.

We are Independent of any insurance company

Unlike large insurance companies and AARP, The Litchfield Agency compares plans from many insurance carriers to find the solution that best fits each individual’s unique healthcare needs. Our job is to find a plan that fits your needs, not to enroll you in a plan that may not be the best answer for you.

Our 3 Step Process:

1) collect information that helps us tailor coverage to your needs
2) compare plans available in your area, and mail you our recommendation and enrollment materials
3) answer any remaining questions with licensed, trained enrollment specialists

It’s that easy!

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