terridogsHi everyone, I have a couple of milestones I’d like to share with you. First, Terri and I are the proud owners of two 5 month old German/German Shepherd puppies named King and Cali (although, they think they own us!). We have them on a property in Cherry Valley we call Litchfield Hills.

Secondly, to better serve my clients and friends, I recently earned a new Designation/Certification called NSSA (National Social Security Advisor). It is a great joy of mine to assist you from year to year with your Medicare Plan choices. I can now help you with your Social Security questions ( such as, When would be the best time to take your benefits?), as well as Strategies to implement in Retirement such as Protection with Moderate Gains for your hard earned dollars as well as Income for Life.

Good News! Medicare Advantage is getting a Raise! Although small, it beats the cuts that have been occurring in recent years. This means your Plan should remain strong for 2017.

My two new pups are proving that you really can “teach an old dog (me) new tricks!”….Until next time, have a Wonderful Spring,



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