Finding the Right Plan During Medicare Open Enrollment

open enrollment 2016It’s that time again for the nation’s more than 54 million people who get health coverage through Medicare to decide what they want in 2016.

Lynda Flathers just got a packet of information in the mail about changes to her Medicare Advantage plan for 2016. Although happy with her current coverage, Flathers wants to make sure that her plan is still her best option. So she’ll shop during Medicare’s open-enrollment period, which got underway Thursday and runs through Dec. 7. Still, she’s a bit reluctant.

“It can be kind of confusing, and you just never know if you’re making the right decision,” says Flathers, a 65-year-old from Chino who works in fund development.

Medicare beneficiaries can change their Medicare health plans and prescription drug coverage during Medicare’s annual open-enrollment period.

Like Flathers, many seniors find shopping for Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans overwhelming.

Experts suggest steps to finding the right plan.

Let George Help! “Most people, once they select a plan, they tend to stay with that plan,” says Ronald Bolding, president of Pomona-based Inter Valley Health Plan. And that may be fine. But the cost and benefit details of Medicare Advantage and stand-alone Part D drug plans change every year, so the plan that was the least expensive option in 2015 may not be for 2016.

“I do not remember a time when we did not make some kind of adjustment” to benefit designs, says Sherry Stanislaw, senior vice president with SCAN, a Medicare Advantage plan based in Long Beach.

Those changes can be costly. A recent survey of 49,000 people using to compare Medicare plans found that only 8% of those enrolled in Medicare Advantage and only 5% in a stand-alone Part D policy had the lowest-cost plan. Those who switched to a new Part D drug plan saved nearly $700 in 2015, and were 20% less likely to hit the prescription drug coverage gap.

Review all plan costs. Monthly premiums across all Medicare Advantage plans being sold in California for 2016 average $29.85. The highest premium is $221 per month, and the lowest is zero, according to an analysis by Health Pocket, a technology company that compares health plans. Nearly half of the Medicare Advantage plans available for purchase in California will have no monthly premium at all.  For prescription drugs, the average Part D premium in California is $61.78. But averages are just that.

Our big take-away is to look at not how has the market changed, but how has my plan changed with regard to the medications and services I use,” says Casey Schwarz, senior counsel for education and federal policy with the Medicare Rights Center. That means looking beyond the monthly cost of your plan to examine all possible expenses.

“A lot of people use their premium to evaluate their plans, but that’s just one cost,” says Elaine Wong Eakin, executive director of California Health Advocates, a Medicare advocacy organization.

Carefully review the deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance you’ll be required to pay when you go for care. A plan with a low monthly premium may be more expensive in the long run if doctor visits or prescriptions come with high costs throughout the year, Wong Eakin says.

Review drug lists. Drug benefits in 2016 may be less generous in many plans as insurers increase costs, including deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Confirm that the medications you need are covered by your plan, and take time to understand the various rules you’ll need to follow.

Confirm that your doctors participate in your plan. “That’s one of the things to evaluate when looking at a plan for the next year is whether your providers will be in network,” Schwarz says. Going outside your plan’s network can be costly.

Check star ratings. Medicare has a quality rating system in which plans are ranked from one to five stars, with five the highest. Experts suggest choosing a plan with at least four stars, if available. Of the 37 Medicare Advantage plans offered in Los Angeles County for 2016, 19 received a rating of four stars or higher. Just four of the 25 stand-alone Part D drug plans earned four stars; none earned the top rating of five stars.

 It’s my pleasure from year to year to help you choose and be in the right plan for you. – George

New Medicare Guides Provide Latest Information

babyboomersIt’s a new year, and that often means a few changes in Medicare. Changes may include new covered services, adjustments to out-of-pocket costs and more.

Medicare Made Clear offers two educational guides that may help you get up to speed on Medicare for 2013. Both are available to download free.

This is a comprehensive introduction to Medicare. It begins with a simple explanation of ten key facts for understanding the program. It goes on to talk about enrollment and the two ways you can get Medicare—through Original Medicare run by the federal government or through a private Medicare Advantage plan.

Once you’re through the basics, the Show Me Guide explains the parts of Medicare, what each covers and your cost-sharing responsibilities. Examples, colorful graphics and clear answers to common questions help make the information come to life. There’s even a decision road map to help you think through your Medicare needs and find a plan that works for you. The guide ends with a list of resources and a Medicare glossary.

This guide may help give you a solid foundation for understanding Medicare and your choices. It’s a great reference to keep in your Medicare file.

Some people like to get right to the point. They don’t need to know the details right away. They would rather get an overview and have the choice to go deeper. If you are one of these people, then the Getting Started With Medicare guide may be for you.

This guide covers the basics about Parts A, B, C and D as well as supplement insurance—one page for each. It provides a list of questions that may help you understand your coverage needs and make a confident choice. Then it gives you a worksheet to help you find and compare the plans you are interested in side by side.

Getting Started With Medicare is a hands-on tool. It walks you through the steps you can take to help find the plan that’s right for you.

–This information was provided by Medicare Made Clear– If you or someone in your family is 65 or older and is in need of a Medicare Supplemental Plan or already has a plan, but wants to make sure that it is the right plan please give us a call (888)891-5557 or go to our website and we will give you a quote and help you keep money in your pocket.

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