Medicare Open Enrollment Oct. 15th to Dec. 7th

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Which Plan is Right for Me?

“If you’re happy with your Plan, you can keep your Plan”. Where have we heard that before? Regarding Medicare Advantage plans, in many cases that is true, however this year in particular in the Inland Empire a popular Chronic Illness diabetic plan called SCAN Balance is being discontinued. I have already met with many of you on this plan, dialed in your medications and helped you select a new plan that best meets your needs. If you’re on this plan and have not chosen a new one for 2015 please call my office and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

It is less than half way through Open Enrollment and I can tell you where most of my clients have been gravitating to: SCAN Classic plan; AARP Medicare Complete Plan 2 by United Health Care; Humana Gold Plus; Blue Shield 65 Plus and Health Net’s Healthy Heart and Gold Select plans.

We have other plans too. Everyone’s situation is unique, and requires balancing your medications, benefit requirements and medical groups.

NEWS FLASH…Loma Linda Medical Groups and Hospital are now available as a Primary for the AARP Medicare Complete plans.

I really do enjoy the challenge year to year assisting you in this ever changing health care landscape. Sometimes it just takes a phone call; other times a face to face meeting.

So, if you are happy and your benefits haven’t changed much, you can keep your plan and you need do nothing. If you’re not sure PLEASE call and let’s schedule a review.

As we all enter this holiday season, Terri and I are so thankful for you and wish you and yours a
Wonderful Thanksgiving and Blessed Christmas and New Years.

All the best,


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