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Medicare Drug Plans- Rx Help is Here!


Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Medicare Parts A and B do not include prescription drug coverage. On January 1, 2006, Medicare launched an outpatient prescription drug benefit to all Medicare beneficiaries. The new benefit, called Part D of the Medicare Program, is designed to lower the cost of prescription drugs for most senior and disabled Medicare beneficiaries.

People on Medicare, Part A or B, who would like to receive prescription drug (rx) coverage under Part D have to enroll in a private insurance policy that offers Part D coverage and is approved by Medicare. These plans are called Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs).


Signing up for a Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) will offer prescription drug benefits. Drug plans will vary in what prescription drugs are covered, how much you have to pay, and which pharmacies you can use. Like any other insurance, if you join you will pay a monthly premium and pay a share of the cost of your prescriptions. PDP Prescription Drug Coverage

Available in Two Ways- Integrated and Stand-Alone

Medicare Part D is available in one of two ways- either as an integrated part of a health plan, or as separate, stand-alone drug coverage. In many cases, we find that enrolling in a health plan that includes Part D drug coverage provides a better value than purchasing a drug-only plan. However, for some people (those who want to retain medical coverage through a Medicare Supplement plan, for example) a stand-alone PDP is an appropriate choice. Advantages of Prescription Drug Plans Costs of PDP Plans

Selecting the Right PDP Plan

The Medicare Part D drug benefit will present a wide and confusing array of new options to more than 40 million Medicare beneficiaries. Explore this section on Prescription Drug Plans and learn How The Litchfield Agency Helps Seniors