Redlands CA Market Night – Have you seen Cinderella?

Does anyone recognize what city this photo was taken at?

Every Thursday evening Redlands has a Market Night with great food, entertainment, organic vegetables, flower and lots more!

Stop by and see us there too! We are there every week and you can see this Cinderella carriage from our booth.

See you there!

George Litchfield

You are never too young to start thinking about your future!

Early this evening I had the privilege of assisting a really nice young couple in their mid 20s purchase a $500,000 Life Insurance policy for only $29 per month for a 20 year term!

They are expecting their 1st child to be born in a couple of weeks. The husband is also interested in setting up a tax free retirement savings program soon.

Congratulations Richard and Elizabeth!!

George Litchfield

The Litchfield Insurance Agency can assists you with all of your insurance needs. Whether it be Medicare, Health, Life. We will find the right plan for you. Serving Redlands, Banning, Yucaipa and the Inland Empire.