It’s Always Too Soon To Quit – George Litchfield

bob wiedlandAs I write, Memorial Day weekend is upon us.  A special Shout Out to all my clients who have served our Country in the Armed Services.

I’d like to acknowledge my late father, Claude, who as a Marine helped secure the isle of Iwo Jima during WWII and earned a Purple Heart while doing so.  I also had lunch recently with a longtime friend of mine, veteran Bob Wieland. Bob has had such a positive impact on my life the past 25 years I’ve known him. One of his quotes is : “It’s always too soon to quit“.  I think you’ll agree after reading about Bob, that he epitomizes those words.Thank you all for your service.

I just returned with eleven family members from the east coast of North Carolina for a Family Reunion, 1st ever in my lifetime. 1st cousins I’d not seen in 50 yrs. Blue Crab fishing, kids playing in the corn fields on my sister’s farm, climbing sand dunes and Oh my, the food! I’ll share some pictures in the next issue.

Terri and I welcomed our 6th grandchild on May 6th. His name is Colton Dean and I look forward to having many wonderful adventures w/ him in the years ahead.

Although this Blog is heavy on the sentimental side, for this issue of the Gazette, I feel it’s appropriate. Enjoy the articles and pictures within.  We appreciate each of you. I receive calls regularly from your family, friends and neighbors who are turning 65 or have moved into the area and need assistance with their Medicare Plan choices. I’m grateful for the referrals.

Feel free to call with any questions or issues concerning your Plan and keep us in mind for any Life Insurance needs, whether it’s $10,000 for as little as $40-50 a month or for whatever amount you’re looking for. I pride myself in shopping the best quality carriers w/ the lowest rates for you.

Until next time, stay extra hydrated as the temps climb, hug your loved ones a little closer and remember, “It’s Always Too Soon to Quit”

All the Best,



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