How do I enroll in Medicare or am I automatically enrolled?

Most people eligible for Medicare are automatically enrolled in
Original Medicare, or Medicare Parts A and B, as of the 1st day of the
month of their 65th birthday. Roughly 3 months before your 65th
birthday (or the 24th month of receiving Social Security or Railroad
Retirement Disability) you will receive an Initial Enrollment Package
in the mail from the Department of Health and Human Services. This
packet will contain information about Medicare and your Medicare card.

Medicare Part B insurance is optional. If you elect to keep Medicare
Part B, which requires premium payments each month, simply sign the
card and keep it handy for doctor or hospital visits. If you want to
decline Medicare Part B, follow the instructions in the packet by
signing the Medicare form and returning it with your Medicare card to
the address indicated on the form. You will shortly thereafter receive
a new Medicare card for only Medicare Part A.

Please note that if you refuse Medicare Part B during Initial
Enrollment, you may have to pay a surcharge should you decide to add
it at a later date (unless the reason for declining was coverage under
existing health insurance through your own or spouse’s employment).