How to have a Successful Doctor Visit – 4 Easy Steps

health insurance protects youWell, have you ever left the exam room and decided you would not follow the treatment plan or advice your doctor gave you? Or maybe you didn’t make a conscious decision, but simply let the doctor’s words quietly fade away without taking any action.

If you’ve had this experience, then it’s likely that you, or your doctor or both of you were missing something in the encounter. As Paul Newman famously says in the movie “Cool Hand Luke,” you and your doctor had a “failure to communicate.”

Like any relationship, the one between patient and doctor is a two-way street. Both you and your doctor are responsible for creating a successful relationship. Here are 4 simple steps you can take that may help you hold up your end of the bargain.

  1. Engage in the relationship—You work with your doctor to make sure your needs are understood, to understand your doctor’s recommendations and to reach an agreement on your health care plan.
  2. Know what’s most important to you— Share your health beliefs, values and desires so your doctor can consider them when making recommendations. The information you provide could help your doctor think beyond the standard care guidelines.
  3. Speak up, ask questions and be honest—Your doctor needs to know how you feel, what you think about your health and what your lifestyle is. The more complete and honest information you give, the better your doctor’s ability to provide you with personalized health care.
  4. Listen and keep an open mind—Listening may be the most important thing in any relationship, including one between patient and doctor. You go to a doctor to benefit from their knowledge, experience and expertise. After all that, why would you not listen and consider what your doctor tells you? This doesn’t mean that you accept what you hear without question. It only asks that you hear it without predetermined judgment. If you have more questions, ask. You never know what you might learn that could improve your health and well-being.


2015 Open Enrollment Is Coming To A CloseIn California….Thanks for choosing us!!

The final day for open thanksenrollment for Covered California 2015
season is coming to an end on April 30th.

Everyone at Litchfield Insurance wants to personally thank you
for choosing us as your Covered California insurance agency.
We are happy to report that this year went a lot more smoothly
than last year. Carlos, Chase and Terry reported to me that this season
overall went very smooth.

This was the first year that you had to report on your taxes whether you had
insurance and if you received tax credits through the 1095A form, which has caused a lot of questions and
concerns. So please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need assistance.Most of the Covered California plans did not
come with dental plans. If you would like to add dental insurance to your plan give us call.
We have an excellent low cost dental plan for you and your family!

Insurance Basics You Must Know

So your finally covered with your new health insurance plan through Covered California, or you have renewed for the 2nd year. There are some basics terms you need to understand when it comes to your health insurance. Today we are going to go over a couple of the “Basics” terms in insurance.

The first term is: Annual Deductible

Your Annual Deductible –  The Amount you Pay before your Coinsurance Kicks In.

Your annual deductible is the amount you must pay for covered care each year before your health insurance begins to pay. For example, a $2000 deductible will require you to pay $2,000 out-of-pocket for covered services before insurance company pays.


Next Term: Coinsurance

Your Coinsurance – The Amount You Pay after DeductibleYour coinsurance is the percentage of medical cost you are required to pay after  your annual deductible is met. For example, the health insurance plan may cover 80% of charges for a covered surgery, leaving you responsible for the other 20%. The 20 percent you must pay is called the coinsurance


Next: Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum

Your Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum – The Maximum Amount You Will Pay Each YearYour annual out-of-pocket maximum is the absolute maximum amount of money you will pay for covered services during a year. Once you reach your annual out-of-pocket maximum, your health insurance plan covers your medical costs at 100 percent.


Lastly is Copayment

Your Copayment- The Cost of a Doctor Visit
or Pharmacy Item
Your co-payments (or copays) are set dollar amounts you pay to your medical providers for specific covered services. The most common types of copay’s are doctors visit copays and pharmacy copays. For example, you may make a $30 copay for each covered visit to your primary care provider. Often, copay are capped at a certain number of uses per year.

If you still have questions about your health care coverage please feel free to contact our offices at (909) 797-3302.



You Have Medical Insurance But Maybe Someone You Know Still Doesn’t

medi-calThere are still quite a few people and maybe some that you know that still did not get health insurance by the April 15th deadline. Some of those people that aren’t covered may be eligible for Medi-cal. There is no need to go down to the Transitional Assistance office. We can help them right here at our offices. Here are just a few frequently asked questions about applying for Medi-cal.

Is there a deadline to enroll in Medi-Cal? You can enroll in Medi-Cal during any month of the year. If you are eligible for Medi-Cal, you are eligible for the entire month in which you were found eligible. In some cases, you may be able to get Medi-Cal coverage right away. 

Will I be able to get good quality health care through Medi-Cal? Yes. Medi-Cal is health coverage, just like the coverage from Covered California. Medi-Cal gives you benefits similar to those of Covered California, but often at lower or no cost to you and your family. All of the health plans offered by Covered California and Medi-Cal include the same full set of benefits, which are called “essential health benefits.” A recent survey of Medi-Cal members by the California Healthcare Foundation found that 90% of the members who answered rated Medi-Cal as a good or very good program. Medi-Cal emphasizes prevention-oriented health care that promotes health and well-being and works to ensure that members receive the right care at the right time. 

How much does Medi-Cal cost? For many individuals who enroll in Medi-Cal, there are no premiums, no co-payments, and no out of pocket cost. Some households will see affordable costs, such as a low monthly premium. For some Medi-Cal kids, the premium is only $13 per child. In general, individuals in Medi-Cal will get the same health benefits available through Covered California at a lower cost.

For more answers to your questions call our offices at (909) 792-3302.

It is not too late! Covered CA – Don’t get penalized!


have you heard


You still have time to get your health insurance and avoid penalties. They have extended the deadline to April 15th.

Call us at 909-792-3302 to set up an appointment.

5 Days Left! – Covered CA – Don’t get penalized – Redlands Health Insurance

Redlands Health Insurance


1.      Change in Legal Marital Statusredlands health insurance
2.      A Change in the Number of Dependents
3.      A Change in Employment Status
4.      A Dependent Ceasing to Satisfy Eligibility Requirements
5.      A Change in Residence and Current Carrier Unavailable
6.      Significant Cost or Coverage Changes
7.      Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave
8.      Judgments Decrees or Orders
9.      Change  in  a  Spouse  or  dependent’s Employer Plan
10.    Open Enrollment Under the Plan of Another Employer
11.    HIPPA Special Enrollment Rights for new  Dependents….
12.    A COBRA-Qualifying Event
13.    Loss of Coverage Under the Group Health Plan of a Governmental or Educational Institution
14.    Entitlement to Medicare or Medicaid
15.    Any Other Situations in Which the Group Health or Dental Plan is Required to Allow a Change in Coverage

Health Insurance for Under 65 and Not on Medicare

health insuranceHealth insurance protects you from high, unexpected costs.

Did you know the average cost of a 3-day hospital stay is $30,000? Or that fixing a broken leg can cost up to $7500? Having health coverage can help protect you from high, unexpected costs like these.

Most people must have health coverage in 2014 or pay a fee.

If you don’t have coverage in 2014, you’ll have to pay a penalty of $95 per adult, $47.50 per child, or 1% of your income (whichever is higher). The fee increases every year. Some people may qualify for an exemption to this fee.
If you enroll by March 31, 2014, you won’t have to pay the fee for any month before your coverage began.

Marketplace open enrollment for 2014 ends March 31, 2014.
The proposed open enrollment period for 2015 is from November 15, 2014 to January 15, 2015.

Have your family or friends contact the Redlands Health Insurance Enrollment  & Benefits Center at (909) 792-3302. Our services are free.




Happy New Year from all of us at George Litchfield Insurance

happy new year 2014Happy New Year! Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2014!

Well the Affordable Care Act is now in full swing. If you registered on or before December 23rd, 2013 you are now covered. If you haven’t yet signed up, don’t worry it is not too late, as long as you sign up by the end of March 2014.

If you don’t already know, we have expanded our offices and the Redlands Health Insurance and Benefits Center is now open in our building at 300 E. State St.  Suite 102-B.

Our services are free, so please call us at (909) 792-3302 or stop by our offices at anytime to get your questions answered and get you or your family enrolled for health insurance today. Also visit our Facebook page at

Obamacare has been effectively extended by another day

dec 24thThe deadline for signing up for the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare has been effectively extended by another day, the Obama administration said today.
The deadline had been Monday, Dec. 23 for people who want coverage by Jan. 1. People can now sign up through Tuesday, Dec. 24.

We are here to help you and remember our services are free of charge

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